New Blog

Hello Everyone! I've created a new blog where I focus mainly on design related topics. I'm not sure if I will continue to keep this current blog up to date or not. For now, I'm definitely focusing on growing the other one instead. Just wanted to make sure you're all in the loop on the new blog!


levi's swimming pool

gamma and auntie came out right before my birthday and brought me some new dishes and a blow up swimming pool for levi. here we are enjoying it. did you notice our disgusting water? it's back....apparently this is a summer thing here....?

fun photo update....it's been a busy few months

last Sunday I tore out our brick paver sidewalk and hauled all the pavers out to the end of the driveway. then we posted this photo on craigslist and within 2 hours they were gone. thursday a friend of a friend came and poured a new concrete sidewalk in its place along with a large concrete patio out back.

here's a photo of the barstools dave made the other weekend. we still have to paint them black but i think they're pretty cool.

two sundays ago we met steve and his family at a park in richmond for some lee's chicken. we had a great time. there's a huge playground and water fountains for the kids to enjoy. and it was the perfect evening weather wise. i get a kick out of this pic cuz dave & steve look like twins in it i think ;)

levi always has SO MUCH FUN with his big cousins. here he is hanging with courtney.

while i was tearing ou the paver sidewalk levi decided walk behind his stroller and push it all around the yard. we were very proud of him. he may not be walking completely by himself yet but now he's one step closer.
here's the back of our house without the deck.

courtney riding the baby swing at the park.

levi "climbing" a tree at the park.

aunt surena chillin' with levi.

our art wall with the wicker chairs

levi with his infamous straight face. he makes this most often when he's caught doing something he shouldn't be doing.

rosie's empty plate after she ate a bunch of ribs. pat's family has come to visit a couple times this spring. the first time we poly'd the kitchen cabinets/doors and hung the doors, the second time they brought out the last cabinet door and we relaxed and ate ribs and michelle and i went garage saling and found a ton of deals.

speaking of the garage sales, for $32 i purchased a solid wood table and four chairs ($15), a virtually brand new red purse ($4), 3 toys for Levi ($2), a movie ($1), and an all in one fax, printer, copier, scanner ($10) ...and i know there was something else but i just can't remember it now.

levi loves to eat cheerios and he loves to feed them to daddy too!

this photo above was taken way back in march. levi playing with his curtains in the crib in the morning. i'm sure this is somehow a strangulation hazard but so far so good....

also back in march when he first learned to stand, i believe, he soon realized he could pull all the books off his shelf. here he is getting his big jesus storybook bible.

on march 23rd we had a big spring thunderstorm. i enjoyed seeing once again this year the power of God thru the storms.

levi really enjoyed playing with his zany zoo from the lamb family.

dave is always making something yummy. baking/cooking is one of his favorite hobbies. one day he made homemade cinnamon and sugar donuts and cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.

here i am with griffin after the recital pretending to play a duet.

rosie, renee and rachael all like to feed baby levi when they come visit. i love this!

here's patrick posing with all the polyeurethaned kitchen cabinet doors. i am amazed at his woodworking skillz!

check it out!

everyone keeps asking us if we will even want to leave our house when we're all done with it since it is now so nice. and the answer is YES! here's a photo capturing the sad moment when david had to say goodbye to his brother patrick after a long weekend of working and playing together. when we move we'll be just a few miles from all our family members and we won't have to have moments like this too often.

we found out in march that brutus actually does have stump pulling power. woohoo!

and it can also serve double duty as a giant wheel barrow.

this is a cozy night time picture of our house displaying the gorgeous new kitchen.

levi wearing shoes for the first time. they don't actually stay on his feet for very long.

one day daddy was watching levi. when he got grumpy daddy put him in his room. he cried for a couple minutes then daddy found him asleep with his soccer ball.

this is what our front room looked like for a couple months while we were doing the great room.

and here's a nice shot of the kitchen...

and another....i helped dave move the washer and dryer in and out of the laundry room about 6 times this spring. i am over moving appliances.

and here's the office while we were working on the great room.

as a result of all these depressing surroundings, i had to eat my easter egg from maries a few weeks early. thanks phil and shan for providing that for me.

even though the remodeling chaos got to me, levi still found a way to have fun. here he is climbing on the jigsaw and circular saw cases to get up to the top of a bucket of tile mortar.

and here's a nice shot of our "path" thru the front room. ah!

dave & levi after levi's first haircut at the end of april. he was about 9 months old.

our little family on our first trip to the indianapolis zoo on mother's day.

this is at the site of the old lincoln tech where dave went. wow. things are changing. have we really been in indy long enough to start noticing major changes like this?

here i am teaching griffin piano one week.

levi discovered that he could empty his dresser drawers one day.

and this is what he does when he can't have what he wants. he SCREAMS.

and here he is with his favorite toy. the shop vac. it has a cord, a hose and wheels. what more could a little guy want?

oh yes, i forgot, a tile saw and a trash can!

this is a photo of our friend, Mark's amazing wood creations, a lacquered bowl and goblets, etc, etc. that's not painted on checkerboards but different kinds of wood...