WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it's official. I have just scheduled the final payment on my student loan. WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now we're on to Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 3: 6 month emergency fund.

We have known since last Saturday when David sold the Ford truck car hauler that this was a done deal, I was just waiting for our previous payment to clear so I could get the official 10 day payoff amount to finish it off. As soon as Dave called me on Saturday to tell me that he had the cash from the truck buyer, we've been rejoicing. I went out to run some errands right after, and I felt like I was on top of the world. It was a feeling similar to that right after we were married. I feel more in love with David. All the hope, joy and excitement that I felt on our wedding day came rushing back to me, because my faith in him as a provider has been renewed. I know that he will do his best from now on to make a good life for us. He will no longer make major decisions based solely on his wants and desires.

Since Saturday, Satan has tried to attack us in multiple ways. Thank God we got the BarlowGirl CD from Jessie for Christmas with the song One More Round. It is inspiring us to make it thru one more month of paper routes and to stay strong. Ugh. But seriously, Satan is trying to rob my joy of being debt free and he's trying to convince me, the penny pinching nerd, that I need to go out and buy a treadmill RIGHT NOW because I just thought of it and I want it and they're 50% off until Saturday....but Dave is reminding me to wait before spending all that money. And he is right. The mere fact that it makes me so angry when he says no is reason enough that I shouldn't buy it now.

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