The Lord's Day

We had a great time at church today. Our former small group leaders, Jack & Mikki, dedicated their baby, Jackson. (Get it? maybe we're not the only ones who have funny ideas for our childrens' names...) I wore a black skirt that I inherited from Emily and a shirt from my mom. It was a really cute outfit and I felt especially cute cuz I actually got some sun this week so I'm not so pale. Had Dave take some pics of me. We ended up going out to lunch with Guy, Amanda, Elizabeth & Chloe at Texas Roadhouse. Dave & Guy got to talkin' and decided to buy a cow together so we can share the beef. Dave wants a Longhorn just cuz he likes them, but they might get an Angus calf or something...Guy said they can keep it in the barn and on the grass at his house. They might see if they can find a couple other guys to share in it and split the beef 4 ways... So we're pretty excited about all that.

After lunch we came back and I worked on laundry, etc. but didn't feel super motivated. After Dave's nap, I talked him into going to the movies with me. I thought "Prairie Home Companion" might be good so that's what we saw. Turns out it was HORRIBLE. I was so surprised when it came to an end cuz I felt like nothing had actually happened in the movie yet...Perhaps if we were older it might make more sense. Cuz once we were in there I realized we were probably the only ones under the age of ....40?

We had supper at El Jaripeo and stopped by Advance Auto Parts. Now we're back home and I'm doing more laundry. Can't believe our long vacation is over :( And we have to go back to work tomorrow! Ahhhh! But at least it's just for one day before a holiday. YES!

Check out pics on our Picasa site of Dave's latest Jeep project: Brutus.

I would have more on there but our computer is having major issues. I'm afraid that I have really messed it up this time. Acutally, I'm kinda hoping that it is totally messed up so I have an excuse to get a laptop. mmmmm.....

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Jimmy & Erica said...

holy cow you look skinny! man, i really must get my butt in gear! i've been terrible about working out, but this week i was so busy getting ready for this holiday weekend that i literally didn't have time, plus i was feeling really sick...i swear i got a migraine everyday this week...i don't know what the deal is..but i'll be all ready to go on wed :) so you plan on going??? i need some motivation!!!