awesome day

well, we had an awesome day...here's why:
  • i got to drive my aunt & uncle's bmw to work. i love how it accelerates!!
  • my new coworker, deborah, started today. i had so much fun getting to know her and the day FLEW by.
  • state farm cut us a check for almost $5000 for the toyota and we're going to keep it. we decided to just keep driving it as is and pay off dave's new tool box with the excess money (yes, NEW toolbox...). then after that we'll begin saving for another car for me. maybe a honda accord, another camry, or a grand prix...?
  • as if the state farm deal wasn't enough...we also sold "starla" (the gold grand cherokee) to dave's coworker, joe, tonight. his wife is about to have their second child so they needed a car that 2 carseats would fit into ASAP. it was the easiest vehicle sale we've ever made. didn't even have to buy a "for sale" sign.
  • so now we are down to 4 vehicles that we own, no more car payments. woohoo! we now have the hail damaged toyota, the ford truck, the scrambler and the green jeep (which also has a bit of hail damage and currently no engine...) dave is about to put an engine into it though. so that will be his daily driver soon. until then he'll be scramblin' to work...or riding with me...we're sooooooooooo excited to be eliminating debt!!! (we also have 2 parts jeeps and jimmy's impala in our yard, but they don't really count...)
  • so, with all that, we've effectively paid off $8800 of debt in one day. praise the Lord! it's amazing how fast things like this can happen with God's help.
  • i went to the new marsh at traders point. dave had been there before but i hadn't. it's not like any other grocery i've ever been in. the restrooms, (and i know what you're thinking...most groceries don't even have public restrooms, and WHY was i going to the restroom at a grocery, but, well, if you know me, you'd understand) for example, are like the ones in lazarus, with individual "rooms" for each toilet. so fancy!! you walk in and there is a big circular area with all kinds of produce, then all around that are smaller rooms with big signs above each of the rooms labeled "Bread", "Snacks", "Meat", "Baby", "Pharmacy", etc. It was really interesting...but I think they're little plan worked. They made this place so appealing that you wanted to buy everything you laid your eyes on...I went in for batteries, margarine and brown sugar and came out with 5 bags of groceries....yet i somehow forgot lettuce and eggs, 2 things we REALLY needed.
  • one sad thing that did happen was i found out at weigh-in that i gained 0.4 lbs last week. that was not the greatest news but i did kind of expect something like that might happen as i wasn't very good. i traveled for work last monday and then again this weekend and i fell in love with those ww chocolates that jill got me....too much in love with them. oh well, it wasn't even a whole pound so i will just get back on the saddle again and keep up with the diet...i'm determined that this week i will do better.

Anyhow, I better go. I'm in the middle of making some cookies for small group and Dave's yelling "Honey, don't you need to put more cookies in the oven?" I just responded, "Yeah, go ahead and do it..." hehehehehe...let's see if he does! (He probably will...maybe I can trick him into helping me...*long pause as I read over this and make edits* yep, I did....he just asked how long they should go in...)


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