This weekend...

So far we've had a really wonderful weekend. We thought that we were going to Ohio at least for part of it but then Dave's parents cancelled the Easter Egg Hunt cuz they wanted to go to Idaho to see Jenny and her family. That was nice for us cuz we just needed some relaxation time.

Friday night Dave & I got into a bit of an argument when I first got home since we were so tired from the long week, but it ended with a water gun / spray bottle fight in the great room and some making up. After that we grilled some tilapia and had some steamed veggies. Then we curled up on the couch and watched "Million Dollar Baby" and had some healthy popcorn. Then I played the piano and worshipped the Lord while Dave cleaned up his paintball gun. Dave headed to Sheridan to play paintball Saturday morning. Meanwhile, I spent a couple hours on stuff for work and then I did laundry and mowed the yard. After that, we met Uncle Butch at the Cracker Barrel in Richmond to get his BMW back to him. Then we drove back home. We decided to scramble doorless to Ice Cream Paradise in Lebanon for a special treat. It was a pretty chilly trip but fun! When we got home we went out to sit on the deck and enjoy the lovely evening then I said, "I wish we had one of those fire things like Karla has..." and Dave said, "Well, we do sort of." So he went over to the shed and dug out a Z3 wheel and built us a fire. We had such a good evening sitting there by the fire together staying warm and talking about lots of things. We also saw the world's largest bat!! (Here I am by the fire. I look all wavy from the heat off the flames.) Posted by Picasa

Today we went to Sunday school, where the pastor is teaching us about what New Hope believes in. We were talking about baptism today which was pretty cool. We had lunch at El Jaripeo, then took a nice long nap in the hammock again. Then I went to the grocery and got a lot of good food. I had my mind set on making fresh salsa this evening. I got a good recipe to make it in the food processor but it got all foamy and was a total waste of money and time... But I did make a turkey burger that was very good and filling and only 3 points. We also had fresh grilled pineapple. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....now, that was GOOD!

Well, that's all for now. I just want to add that I LOVE DAVID!!!!!!!!!!

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