yeah, so...traded the bmw for the scrambler this evening so dave could work on the bmw. scrambled home from d&r. that was a terrifying experience. doors rattling. wind gusts coming in the hole by my feet. rain pouring in around the windshield. mirrors shaking so hard you can't see in them. not to mention the fact it's a manual and i don't have a lot of experience driving them. was so glad to get home. ate some dinner and talked to erica. (glad we had our little chat erica, i've been missin' you too :) let's stay focused on working out sometime next week together!!)

anyways, today was a good day. stayed on my diet really well. i think. still need to add up the points. got 2 compliments - one from the building manager at work and one from the chiropractor - they both said i'm looking great (from the weight loss). Woohoo! that'll lift my spirits :)

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