Dave's cousins,

Jon, Kim, Darrin & Sarah came out to visit Memorial Day weekend. They all got to our house about 8:30 and we had a wonderful dinner: filet and tilapia on the grill, steamed veggies, salad and whole grain bread, followed by grilled pineapple and a scoop of Schwan's vanilla :) After dinner we ladies cleaned up while the guys played paintball out in the yard and looked at Dave's latest project in the shed.

I had a great time getting to know Kim better. I found it hilarious how much Dave & Jon are alike and how much even Kim & I are alike too. And as always, I had so much fun talking with Sarah. I am sure if we moved back to Ohio that she and I would become even closer :)

Saturday we woke up to have a nice big breakfast (made by my Davey Crocker of course) and then we ladies leisurely got ready for the day while the guys headed to Dreyer to work on Darrin's Monte Carlo, which by the way, is a pretty sweet car.

Kim got her fix of Starbucks and then we headed to Kohls and met back up with the guys for lunch...

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