Ryan & Meryl's wedding

Saturday morning we left bright and early for Quincy, Illinois. We got there just in time for Dave's cousin's 2:00 wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Ryan's brother, Drew, the best man gave a wonderful toast complete with a poem and sweet remarks about their lovely mother :) David and I REALLY enjoyed getting to use our new camera. We took TONS of pics. So I signed us up an account with Flickr and now we will keep most of our photos there. I will still post special ones on the blog here but you can browse thru all of our collections at the flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dnkneer/ ). We have the photos organized in different sets there as you will see (to the right side of the page- we have 2 sets so far - Tierney-Schroeder wedding and Friday Night BBQ...).

Anyhow, we had a nice break in between the wedding and reception so we got to see the Mississippi River, which was located right near our hotel. After the reception, Dave & I took advantage of the hotel pool then slept fast cuz we had to arise bright and early again this morning to head for home. Today was my brother in law's birthday too. So I know he wanted to get back.

We just had a wonderful weekend hanging out in the car with Dave's parents, eating at a cute little diner on the way out and then dining on our way back today in a small town where some former Ohio neighbors moved their farm a couple years ago.

Anyhow, now Dave & I are back at home safe and sound, trying to rest up for another busy week...

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