well, as i promised, i'll give the highlights of the trip...and some other stuff.

sunday afternoon i flew to kc, met a guy from lansing there, etc. got up at 5:30 mon morning. drove to des moines. took pics, visited the future site of the SE connector. i had never been in that part of the country before and i absolutely loved the beautiful, green rolling pastures in missouri and iowa. wow! on the way back to kc mon afternoon we went thru some crazy storms. saw some really beautiful cloud formations. stopped at dq. mmmm....bought a new outfit after dinner at tj maxx. then tues i worked out of the kc office, gathering as much info as i could for the des moines project. tues night i went to a kansas city royals - texas rangers baseball game with the guy from lansing. i flew back early this morning. i am....tired....to say the least.

i'm so very glad to be home though. dave surprised me tonight with a wonderful bday present. i thought that he was getting me a gun or a flashlight. but instead he got me an amazing digital camera. i can't even believe it. it has been SO LONG since i had a new piece of electronic equipment. i had absolutely no idea that he was going to get this for me and it's a perfect gift. i have been taking so many pics lately and just want to be able to blog about them immediately but have to wait to develop the film, etc. so now i won't have to wait. yes!

also, erica decided to join my gym last saturday. we are both so excited to have a workout buddy - it seems like we work out at the same pace, we challenge each other etc. - we're planning to meet each other there at least 3 x a week. i can now stop meeting with a trainer b/c i feel i was doing that only for accountability and now i have erica to be accountable to...so that will save A LOT of money each month.

i am very tired now but still have to do 2 more loads of laundry and pack for ohio tonight cuz after work tomorrow i'm headed to the gym with erica and then i'm driving to mom & dad's. i am going to spend friday and saturday with my mom and Em part of the time preparing for mom's garage sale and just bonding. awwww... i will get to see my grandma too hopefully. she is in a nursing home now. it makes me really sad to hear mom and emily talk about how she's doing these days. i pray that for her sake she doesn't have to live like that for long.

so...there you have it. i am looking forward to the trip to ohio but also to returning back here sat or sunday. i miss my house and the peace and serenity here. i miss my david. at the end of this week, i will have only spent about 5-6 waking hours here, and with him.

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