went to the gym after work. dave fixed us dinner - corn on the cob (on the grill, mmmm), tilapia, and salad. then we went for a swim in the pool at the neighbors' house (we're housesitting for them this week - we enjoyed the hot tub 2 nights as well. i can really see how it would be nice to have a hot tub someday!) after our swim, we went to guy & amanda's house. dave wanted to see a truck that the lambs' had for sale. guy gave him a tour of the farm office, which he said was just finished in february. complete with a conference room. server. wireless internet. hardwood floors. bathroom with a shower, etc. etc. and the machinery shed. he was in awe. said the smallest tractor was 310 hp or something like that. (for all you farmers out there) meanwhile, i hung out with amanda. got to hold little chloe for a while. :) yay! talked about our honeymoons. the similarities of our wedding day continue. they stayed at embassy suites on their wedding night. we wanted to. (but were not old enough thanx to the lovely folks in columbus, oh) they also ended up at somewhat of a dive for the main part of their trip. theirs was "the winds" at myrtle beach. ours was "happiness inn"...

well, that's it for now. have a wonderful "friday, jr." (in the words of a nameless lincoln tech student)

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