Happy 4th of July!

Dave & I are having a great holiday. We slept in and he fixed us french toast for breakfast. Mom & Dad just came out and dropped off the engine cherry picker, welder, chop saw, etc. They stayed for almost an hour, which is a record. We gave them some strawberry pie with whip cream and blueberries on top. Very festive, huh?

Dave's gonna keep working on Brutus for a couple more hours and I am working in the office and maybe will start our Savannah vacation scrapbook before we go to Brad & Tamara's for dinner. (Erica, when I talked to you yesterday, I didn't realize that we were going to their house for dinner too, so that's why we're not coming to yours after all. But I will see you tomorrow evening, ready to workout!!) We're going to have burgers, corn casserole, salad and more pie. After dinner we'll head to the HS for fireworks (which is only about 2 blocks from their house). It should be a fun night.

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