The Lord's Day

Well, we woke up 20 minutes before first service started. We both really wanted to go to it and start our day early cuz we had such an unproductive day yesterday, so we got ready really fast. It was a really great service. Wonderful music. Wonderful message. About Nehemiah 11 (we've been studying all of Nehemiah) - our pastor talked about how trees in the biosphere could not survive cuz they didn't have contrary winds to make them strong. He talked about how humans need contrary winds to make them strong. He said a baby is born by pushing against its mother. In Genesis 37, Joseph, I believe he said, had a dream that he would be powerful but first he was imprisoned, and all kinds of other things before he became powerful. That was how God made him stronger. In Neh 11, the people were pushed to move away from the homes they'd always known. It made them stronger. Then he urged people to not be comfortable and just go to church but to be involved and challenge yourself. That will make us stronger, I believe. Thought it was a really good message. It made me want to do SOMETHING to help out even more than I already did want to.

This is a pic of me after church. I am so excited cuz I can finally wear this skirt. Bought it probably 2 or 3 years ago. Never wore it. It was just a little too small at first but on sale and then I just got bigger and bigger and bigger and furhter from wearing it. Not anymore :) And the shirt is from last summer. It used to be really tight. Now it's getting too big. And the shoes, a deal from Payless.

Well, gotta go make some lunch. We're having Chicken Parmesan (with oatmeal as the coating). It is very yummy and healthy. Mmmmmm.... I need to get off the computer and start doing laundry too. See ya!!!!!!

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