The past week, houseboating at Dale Hollow Lake, etc.

We woke up last Saturday morning, the day we were leaving for vacation, and Dave had something in his eye. He thought it was an eyelash but he could not get it out after about 2 hours of messing with it. Eventually we headed out to take him to Urgent Care but then found an optometrist next door that was actually open. He went in there and the guy was able to find a piece of lint from a blanket stuck on the back of his eyelid and he removed it. Dave felt better immediately. It cost us $62. The ironic thing is Dave had been looking at his paystub the night before and saw that he'd had about $60 withheld for his new AFLAC supplemental insurance. He said "Wow, they've already taken $60. We need to have an accidental injury to get our money back." That just goes to show how much we need to watch what we say, huh?

Anyhow, so last Saturday afternoon, one week ago, we left our house for a fun-filled week of family time. Last Sat night we met Mom & Emily in Dayton for dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube. Sunday morning we got up early and went with Mom to Columbus to visit Aunt Connie & Uncle Dick. Uncle Dick is still in ICU but at this point he is alert and will be taken off the ventilator in the next 3-4 days. Aunt Connie is at home now, but will most likely have surgery on her shoulder Thursday. I am so thankful that they're both doing a lot better now, 2 long weeks after the accident.

So anyhow, back to the story of the vacation...Sunday evening we left Phil & Shan's house. Dave & I rode with them. We spent the night in Dry Ridge, KY and got up early Monday to complete the rest of the drive. We had lunch at Dave's favorite southern BBQ restaurant, Sonny's. Then we stopped at Paul's in Somerset. Dave bought some gigantic rope there so he can make me a rope swing (something I've wanted since we moved here).

We finally got on the houseboat Monday evening. We had a great week trying out our new jet ski (we went in on it with Dave's sister and her husband). I really enjoyed it. Except for the high-speed wipeout Thursday morning. My neck has not felt right since. (I will be heading to the chiropractor this week...) I tried and tried to ski. I got most of the way up once Thursday morning but then never tried again. I really enjoyed Steve & Surena's new intertube more than anything though. 2 people can ride on it at once, in a comfortable seated position. I never once fell out of it. Dave & I had fun trying our best to fall out of it though. We would ride without holding on, with our arms up like on a roller coaster. Then we would sit up on our knees inside it. It was such a blast!! It was really fun for all ages I believe.

I also had a great time this week getting to know our nieces and nephew, Daniel, better. I think we finally bonded with Brittany. It seems that she has always had a little trouble trusting us at first but I think maybe after this week she won't have as much trouble anymore. I also got to hold Renee 2 days in a row for her afternoon nap :) Renee even took some of her first steps on the houseboat!!

Overall, we had a really great week. It went soooooo fast. There was lots of time to watch movies, play games and get to know each other better. Dave & I even found time to sit down and write out some goals for the next couple years. We took turns fixing meals. Monday we had Shan's WONDERFUL sloppy joes for dinner. Tuesday morning Margy & Rod fixed breakfast. Tues night Dave grilled chicken and fish, I fixed corn casserole and salad. Wed night Pat & Michelle fixed ham & potato casserole and very rich brownies with icing :) Steve & Surena fixed stuff shells, meatballs and brownies Thurs night. The houseboats were very new and nice. The one complaint was that the one that Steve's family, Pat's family and Dave & I were on smelled REALLY BAD. All week we suffered thru the stench...hehehehee.

I am happy because I feel like I did a good job of not eating too much junk food this week, even when it was available to me. I will weigh in Monday and hopefully I'll find out if I lost any or maintained or what. (I weighed in before going on vacation last weekend, and at that point, I'd lost 22 lbs on WW, about 28 lbs total. That was my goal when I started WW in April - to lose about 25 lbs before houseboating. Now I'm setting my next goal to lose another 20-25 lbs before Christmas - I should reach it way before Christmas at this rate - and to pretty much maintain that weight from then on.)

All 19 of us seemed to get along fairly well for being crammed on 2 houseboats all week. Dave & Jessie got into a little bit of an argument playing cards one night. Things got a little crazy but ended up ok, once they were separated. Steve said he was betting that Jessie & I would get into a fight instead, but I managed to hold my tongue pretty well I guess. Until Friday...when I was in a pretty bad mood cuz I wanted so badly to get home Friday night and not have to stay at one of our parents' houses that night. I pretty much spent the whole 27 hour process, from the time I was ready on the boat Friday morning until we got back to our house today, mentally stewing because I felt like several people ignored our requests to leave early Friday. Looking back now I'm not sure why I was so upset, but ....I was. I'm a girl, what can I say???

Dave & I got back in Indy about 9 this morning. We stopped at Champion Chrysler where he got some parts for his green Jeep. a.k.a. Brutus. He finally got the heads back for his engine last Sat right before our vacation, 6 weeks after they were supposed to be done. Now he's working very hard on it so that he will have a vehicle besides the Scrambler to drive to work (which actually leaks really badly when it rains, etc.)... I am so proud of him for the sacrifices he's making driving that thing, just so we won't have car payments, etc. So, anyhow, while we were at Champion we test drove a Pacifica cuz I've always wanted to. That was pretty fun. Very nice ride. Not worth $31,000 though when I have a mechanic for a husband...........

We are both just so glad to be home. I've had a nice day catching up here. We had dinner at China's Best. Balanced the checkbook. Found that this month I made a $400 mistake IN OUR FAVOR. So that was pretty cool :) We might go to a movie tomorrow... :)

We hope to bring the jet ski out to Indy sometime when Dave gets his green jeep done and we would like to take some friends to a lake in Indiana...to play on it and maybe do some tubing too. Jimmy & Erica, does that sound like fun???

I will post pics from last weekend with Mom & Emily, houseboating and of Dave's progress with Brutus soon. Probably yet tonight.

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