well, there's not a lot going on here today.
we made it through another trip to the SW side and back with the Ford truck this evening. picked up Brutus at Precision Drive Shaft...driving 55 (cuz the truck won't go any faster) on 465 is not a cool thing to do. praise the Lord we're back home safe! Dave's out in the shed pulling out the engine again to finish up some of the work on the Jeep. He only has 6 more days till the mud bog. Will the Jeep be ready by then? That is the question in our household these days.
I have continued to read the books that I ordered on ebay. The last one came on Monday. I have read at least 4 books now. Very into reading lately. At Firt Sight by Nicholas Sparks was one of them. I love his books but don't particularly recommend this one cuz it was SOOOOOOO sad. I literally sobbed while reading it the other night. Dave was asleep and I thought I might wake him but no...he slept through. Still, I was crying so hard I could barely keep reading cuz my vision was blurred so much.
I've had a very big week at work. Another big day coming up tomorrow. will work from 8-8 at least cuz we have a meeting in chicago at 3:30... I'm taking part of Friday off for some dr. appts. and may end up taking it all off depending on what is left to do for a project we're working on. it would be nice to take it all off and come home and clean up a bit cuz Jared, Kim & Lilee are coming down Saturday and Sunday. I'm so excited to see Kim!! She's due to have their second baby soon & I haven't seen her since February!! And I can't wait to see how Lilee has changed... :) Dave is, I'm sure, excited to show Jared his Jeep project too. :)

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