Our remodeling for free continues. Today I cleaned all of our good china out of this cabinet (since we aren't using it anyways now) and moved the cabinet from the great room (where our table is) into the kitchen (all by myself I might add...I'm rather proud...) then I put all the food from the laundry room cabinets into it. Nearly everything fit. Dave hasn't seen it yet but he doesn't really like this idea cuz he doesn't like the idea of the visual clutter of having all the food showing thru the glass doors. To fix that, I am going to buy some fabric and put it inside the doors so that it looks nice from the outside and our food won't be "on display". The top pic is the bottom part of the cupboard showing the 89 cent containers I bought Thursday night at Target to organize our baking supplies. I need a few more of them I think. (I'm a bit concerned that this won't be as mouse-tight as where our food used to be. So I think I'll put everything in containers and hope for the best...)
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Marla Taviano said...

Fabulous! Have fun organizing!