So I didn't know I was capable of being a work-aholic until this week. I finally had to face the facts and take part in some of the responsibility in our swamped office. I put in 13+ extra hours this week and still did not get half of it done, I took my workout bag along with me the last 3 days and didn't end up going to the Y cuz I stayed and worked instead, and our house still looks as messy as it did in the midst of all the trips to Ohio... It is pretty bad. In the past week alone I've managed to "lose" the camera, my favorite belt, my black shoes (which I wear to work nearly daily), and my keys more than once...

I am craving order. I am tired of chaos. Round about Wednesday the chaos of my home began to infect my office at work. Couldn't find a thing. Could hardly get in the room. I forced myself to take a couple breaks from jobs today and clean it up. Last night I went to Target and started buying a ton of organizational things. I went back with David tonight to get some more. I felt a bit guilty for spending the money and then he was like, "I spent $15,000 this year on my toolbox so my tools could be organized - I'm not going to stop you from buying these things." So that made me feel better. I organized our baking cupboard last night with 4 rubbermaid tubs that cost only 89 cents/piece. Isn't that awesome???? And I bought some scrapbooking organizing cupboard thingys. When I get my "scrapbook area" set up I'll take a pic and post it.

I am just so excited that it's Friday. I feel like I should go into work tomorrow and do more but then I look around the house and realize I need to make this a priority too. I am getting my hair cut in the morning then I'm going to tackle this mess! YES! I also hope to get back to Marla's book which I started last week :)

We had dinner tonight with John & Jenny (friends from our small group). They were married in August then travelled the country the past 5 months or so participating in different trainings as they are going to be missionaries together in Kenya for 2 years. I'm so excited for their future. I am also so happy that God has brought us together. David and I have never been all that supportive of missions in the past but John explained to us all about what he has done in Kenya already and what they will be doing in the future and we were both really excited for them. It makes mission work more real to us and it makes us want to be more supportive of it. I look forward to keeping in touch with them while they are in Kenya too. That will be cool. :) John shared with us one interesting fact about missionaries and financial support. He said that a few years back most missionaries got 75% of their financial support from churches and 25% from individuals. Now it's the other way around. He said that it is hard to get financial support from churches today because they usually only want to help send their own members as missionaries. I'm not saying that's all bad. John & Jenny will probably have to meet with a lot more people on an individual basis and maybe people will learn more about what they are doing than if they just stood up for a few minutes in church one Sunday...it just sounds like it will take more time.


Marla Taviano said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Katie. You and David are so cute--an adult kind of cute, not a little kid kind. :)

I'll have HH send you a free book, and I can work out a special deal for you if you want more copies to pass out to people.

How about 4 Blushing/4 Is That All? for $50 (including shipping)?

Marla Taviano said...

A check is great. Do you want me to sign any of them to particular people? Just let me know. I'll probably get them out to you on Tuesday. (I try not to send Gabe to the P.O. more than 2x/week.)

I'll start commenting on your blog every other day or so, if you'd like. :)