The past few days...

These are flowers my work sent to us for Grandma. I thought it was really nice that they did that. I am constantly reminded of what a great place I work at!

We spent the past few days in Ohio. Wednesday and Thursday we helped the family get ready for Grandma's funeral. My sister, Emily's birthday was Thursday. We celebrated a bit at lunch. In the evening we went to the funeral home to say goodbye to Grandma. That is when it all became real to me. It was pretty hard, but partway thru I realized we were merely saying goodbye to her body and that her spirit is living on in heaven.

Friday was her funeral. The church was full. It was amazing to look around and see all the lives that my Grandma had touched. I played the piano right before the service started. It was a great way for me to say goodbye. You see, Grandma had been the one to support me when I decided I wanted to learn back in the 4th grade. She paid for my lessons, she drove me to my lessons, and she even let me practice on her piano at her house. I played a variety of songs from the hymnal that had always been at her house on Friday. Even though I was playing in a church full of people, I felt like I was sitting in her living room playing for her. It was very good for me.

A lady from the church made a wonderful video for us all from pics we had given her of Grandma throughout her life. I watched it 2 times Friday evening. I realized while watching it just how short our time on earth is. I need to focus on making the most of it.

Saturday Emily & I spent the day with Mom, helping her clean up around her house. We got several things done that she's been putting off for a while. It was so great to be together. We had House of Szechwan for dinner. YUM! (Friday night we had Sparky's - all of my favorites!!)

David & I bought a book called Love & Respect. We got Mom & Dad a copy too. We're all reading it at the same time. I'm excited about that!

Sunday we went to church with Dave's family and then had lunch with them at the Valentines Day party...

Now we are back home. Back to reality. My mind feels so unbelievably cluttered after this weekend. I'm exhausted. There is just so much going on there. I normally don't even think about it because I guess I'm just too busy thinking of my own life. But when I'm there for more than a day or something, I really start thinking of it and I bring it back with me. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Supposedly it will start snowing/sleeting, etc. within 30 minutes here. We may get 6-8 inches of snow tonight with blowing. That could mean some pretty crazy drifts. I may be working from home tomorrow. (Found out that'd be ok...) Once again, I love my job!

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