Gravel!! and other important things...

We're living it up in Indiana today! While we were at work, we had 22.5 tons of gravel dropped off in our driveway. I am SO excited. Our neighbors might think we're insane for investing in a driveway that will someday, soon hopefully, be part of a pond in the elite village of Anson, but we just couldn't take it anymore. We have our work cut out for us getting it arranged in the shed and the driveway but it is such a relief. I'd much rather do a day of that kind of work over having to mop the house all the time from the mud and dirt we've been tracking in on our shoes.

Other news:

- Dave is home after 4 days of BMW training in Chicago. I missed him so much!

- Dave listened to an entire book on CD this week - Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This came at the recommendation of our friends, Jared & Kim. Dave has been telling me all about it all week. I can't wait to listen to it so that I can be on the same page as him. We're going to use some of the concepts from the book to revamp/reinspire our finances. We're both so excited about our future.

- We had dinner with Dave's cousin, Drew, tonight. We had a good time chatting, seeing his new car and house. We had Culvers. Mmmm...

- Dave double-scheduled some more things. For about the 3rd time this month. I'm urging him to start using the planner that I recently bought him. I think that he is beginning to need it.

- We're both so excited about the weekend ahead!!!!!! More on that later...
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