yeah, as part of the financial lockdown, david asked me to start cutting his hair again so he won't have to pay the barber. i had only done it like 2 other times, when we were first married and living at reflections and i really didn't enjoy it. one time i quit halfway thru and he had to finish it himself. both times i ended up crying. furthermore, it's messy. i'm not good at containing messes. he's picky about his hair. i'm not a barber. enough said. it's a recipe for disaster and argument. not a good thing for our marriage. but tonight, after about 20 minutes of me making excuses for why i didn't think it would be wise for me to do it, especially late at night, i did it. his hair doesn't look too horrible. and we only got into like 2 arguments while i was doing it. i'm breathing a huge sigh of relief. i made it thru without crying.

i've often heard that one of the hardest things a couple can do is for one of them to try to teach the other to drive a manual transmission vehicle. i think that cutting your husband's hair should be added to that list. ugh!

....not looking forward to 3-4 weeks from now when i'll have to do it again...

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Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

Tell Dave that Linn does it himself. I still get to clean up all the little peices of hair that he misses (that's one of my biggest pet peeves...he always does it the day I just cleaned the sink...I should just be grateful though he doesn't make me do it). Anyway, maybe that will challenge Dave..I 'm sure he can do it!