Today is turning out a little different that we had planned. It is very cold and raining/snowing. Dave had planned on going spelunking/camping this weekend with some guys and I was going to be at a picnic for work but both those things were cancelled due to the weather. So, we slept in then had a nice breakfast. Then Dave bundled up in his coveralls and mowed the yard in the rain. (That's just how much of a workaholic he is sometimes...just can't sit in the house.)

Meanwhile, I got the bright idea to take another step toward financial freedom by selling some things on ebay. I already have a couple bids. Woohoo! I'm so excited. I think I will go work on my scrapbooks now.

Also, Dave has decided that one day he will have a business where he only works on Jeeps, since that's what he really likes working on. He said that he might work on other vehicles but it will be totally at his discretion. I think it's a great idea. That way he will never have to work on something junky if he doesn't want to and then he will get to play around with lift kits, etc. and not be spending our money. He will call it something like "Jeeps Unlimited." Last summer when he was working on Brutus was one of the highlights of his life but afterwards he didn't even really enjoy the Jeep. He just wanted to start over with another project. That's why we think it would be good for him to make a business out of it. He has actually had 2 Jeep customers lately. His first clients!

Tomorrow I think we are going to try to make some homemade bread.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks to Anna W from NZ for your comment the other day. It is always nice to know that others are experiencing what you are, isn't it?? If you happen to read this, do you have a website? I'd love to read yours sometime. Let me know!

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