Mother's Day

We went to church with Dave's family Sunday and then had a lovely picnic of Lee's and Pat's Graham Cracker Pudding at a park in Springfield by the reservoir. Pat & Michelle bought this new frisbee on the way and we had a lot of fun playing with it!

We really enjoyed our weekend in Ohio but it was definitely nice to get back home. We had spent 8 weekends in a row previously at home and I'd become quite accustomed to my Saturday - laundry/ cleaning day and Sunday - day of rest. Anyways, I went to bed very early Sunday night and didn't even bother unpacking our suitcase. .....Speaking of the suitcase, I better go finish unpackng it now :)

And Dave is waiting on me to stop blogging so we can finish reading Fit for Life. We have set a goal to read 20 pages / day for the next 3 weeks so we will have it done by June 2nd. :)

Have a great week!!
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