Friday night ramblings...

Now that we have a paved road, all you people who wouldn't visit us cuz of our dirty, dusty, pothole-filled road now have NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! So come see us!
Also, I'm going to add links to the side of my page of peoples' blogs who I check a lot. I hope you won't mind.....and now you will all know whose blogs I lurk on. Sorry....sometimes I just don't know what to comment. But I find your lives oh-so-interesting!

Speaking of lurkers, Anna W has announced her presence and I'm so very glad to get to know her. (Good luck on the duathlon!!!)

Are there any other people who tend to lurk here who want to go ahead and introduce themselves???...Perhaps I'm kidding myself. There probably really aren't that many of you who are actually interested in my life...or perhaps you're like Jenny, and you TRY to comment but Blogger doesn't cooperate. Sometimes blogger is a pain and I contemplate getting a new site...

And oh yeah, I have updated the neer booklist and real slim katie sites (see links to the right...)

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