Early to bed, early to rise....

Wow! What a week (and it's only Wednesday.......)

Monday morning we arose at 3:30 a.m. and set out on what could be the longest, most intense work week of our lives. In Dave's words, "This is actually a challenge." (And not much is ever a challenge to Dave....)

I'm going to attempt to blog about it but my brain is pretty much mush at this point...so...

I've been working construction inspection in Yorktown, IN. Every morning I've gotten up about 3:45, I've been on the road by 4:30 or 4:45. I arrive at the construction site about 6 and then observe construction workers laying asphalt, pouring sidewalks, curbs and grading for driveways, etc. all day in the hot sun until 4:30, then hit the road for home. The only break from the sun is a 15-30 minute lunch break or a trip to the field office (TRAILER) with adjacent port-a-john. It has taken me anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to drive home so far this week. Lots of stop and go traffic thru small Indiana towns. Ugh. In addition to this, I've received a gazillion phone calls about work and personal things. So there I am, collecting tickets in Yorktown from gravel, concrete and asphalt truck drivers, and talking to someone in Kentucky about plans for a road down by Vincennes. Anyways, I am learning a ton out there about how civil engineering projects are actually built. And it has been a great week. My mind feels so much more uncluttered than usual. I think I really needed some time out of the office. It's ALMOST like a mini-vacation from work. Alas, rain is predicted for tomorrow so I may find myself back in the office for the day, but oh well.

While I've been doing all that, Dave's been kicking it up in high gear as well. On a whim last Saturday, I pointed out an ad in the newspaper about hiring paper delivery people. It took him a few minutes to make the phone call. He's been a little reluctant to take on a second job or sell things here lately. (I think the enemy's attacking our TMMO....). Anyways, I just kept encouraging him and reminding him of the good ole days working at UPS and going to LTI and how hard he worked, etc. and he called. Within a couple minutes over the phone, he was hired. So he has been leaving the house every morning at 4 (and then 3 today) to do his paper route. He delivers Indy Stars and Wall Street Journals to people in Lebanon. He will get his first paycheck next Friday but apparently, this job should pay pretty good money and help us to reach our debt payoff goal of August 31st. (YES!!!!) Mon and Tues he delivered about 60 papers, and added on 50 more this morning. I am so incredibly proud of him for doing this. It takes something very special to wake up in the middle of the night every night knowing that you will have to do it every day, 7 days a week, for as long as you need the money, etc. It is a huge sacrifice and I know he's doing it all for me and our future family. We don't want to have any babies until all this debt is paid off and we have a huge savings. And David has now decided to do what it takes to make all that possible. I think I will be joining him this weekend.

Also, last night and tonight, he's stayed at work from 6-8 at night for CPR training. He must be so tired right now!!

We are both so happy, even though we're completely exhausted. We have always wanted to wake up early and have quiet time together in the mornings. Never before have we been able to do this. But the paper route thing is perfect - we have to have the papers delivered by 6 a.m. so we have at least an hour back at the house b4 we have to go to work. Tuesday morning, David finished his route around 5:15 then came back to the house and did a big workout before heading into his day job. Needless to say, we have a new bedtime at our house. 8 p.m. :)

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