Last Saturday we performed some "plastic surgery" and cut up all of our credit cards. They now reside in a jar on top of the TV, next to our TMMO dry erase board. That jar holds the potential of $30-$40,000 of debt that we will never, ever have to pay off again. Because we will never, ever allow ourselves to use those worthless, no good, pieces of junk again. They are a tool of Satan. People think, "oh, we pay off our credit cards every month." and "we just use them instead of our debit card because we get free skymiles....or cash back when we buy gas...etc, etc." you name it, people have a reason or justification. nevertheless, we know that someday those people might fall on hard times and not be able to pay it off that month. and because they're in hard times and may not have an emergency fund, they'll charge even more. then they'll be 2+ months behind, etc, etc. debt compounds fast. and credit card companies will jack your interest rate up quickly. it's not a trap we ever want to fall in again.

some of you may have thought we'd already done this. but, no. i had actually been holding onto my first card and using it for work expenses. i finally decided that i didn't need to rely on it anymore. i guess it's partly because i feel more secure than ever before since david is making such great decisions for our household. :)
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