FPU Group Wrap-Up

Our first Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class wrapped up last Sunday, Dec 2nd. We had a pitch-in dinner to celebrate. The coordinator guide suggested having a pitch-in dinner of finger foods. So Dave came up with the following menu...I would have to say that it was a little more than "finger foods" but that's ok. It was delicious! Mikki brought a wonderful salad with all kinds of good toppings, Amanda brought her awesome parmesan garlic red potatoes, Dave grilled a 5 lb beef tenderloin (which was better than any one he had ever made!! and he was so glad he got to grill steak for the first time this year...he's really been delaying...), Duke and Amanda brought a coconut cake, Eric, the southerner, brought sweet tea ....and Dave also made fresh baked homemade bread and provided a smorgasboard of jams. And I....cleaned the house. :)

Anyways, we totalled up our stats for the class, and in 13 weeks, our 5 households paid off $28,516 of debt, we saved $10,376 and we avoided signing up for credit card and debt consolidation offers totalling $834,309. I am very proud of everyone in our group for the changes they have made. I think everyone is off to a really good start on their walk into Financial Peace. I pray that they can continue in this journey and spread the great news of Dave Ramsey to many other people!

Everyone who attended the required # of sessions received a graduation certificate and Mikki, who was the only one with perfect attendance got a flashlight for "being bright enough to attend all sessions" and because Dave knew that she needed a good flashlight.

The really ironic thing is that right at the end of the final DVD, our power went out (it was really windy and snowing/raining out). So we couldn't actually finish the video. So then we sat around in candlelight (and flashlight - we were so glad that we gave Mikki that prize for perfect attendance...) and shared and discussed the final lesson on giving. It was so neat and cozy to sit around in semi-darkness and share with our group. Dave & I will really, really miss having our group over every Sunday night. For a time, this group took away our feelings of Sunday night depression. Perhaps in a couple months, we'll be able to start another group so we don't feel bad on Sunday nights again!
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