1. dave's grandma passed away so we found ourselves in ohio for 3 days last weekend. i'm so thankful we were done with our paper routes so we could actually both be there that long. her funeral was a very nice service. her kids and several grandkids shared very sweet stories about her.
  2. being in ohio dug up a lot of emotions for me (not about death but a lot of other stuff). i spent half the ride home bawling my eyes out. i still feel like crying. i just want to stay home all week and cry and not have to go to work and act normal. i feel like we live 2 completely different lives. one there and one here. for the past 7 months everything has been all about our life here and it has not been interrupted. last weekend was like pealing a bandaid off a very old wound.
  3. i worked out tonight for the first time in a while (not counting those 2 days in schaumburg). it was very nice to be active. i ran for 10 minutes straight. and a total of 17 minutes during a 30 minute time period. i'm happy with that!
  4. went to the second week of the womens study at church. i like my group. they are a group of very strong women who spend time everyday in the word of God. it is very obvious. they truly know the word. i am excited about learning from them yet frustrated that i'm such a baby compared to them. i like being an expert not an idiot. but this is something about me that needs to be broken.
  5. organizing a scrapbook / craft day at church for women for feb 23rd. so excited about it. i wanted some friends to scrapbook with so i'm going out on a limb and trying to start a group. we'll see how it goes.

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