friday, jr.

I did this quiz that Stephanie had on her xanga to figure out if I'm a Yankee or not......

41% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.

We had quite the saga this week with Bob. Tues night we thought he was doing much worse. We were afraid David would have to put him out of his misery. But we couldn't bare it. I cried forever cuz he's the nicest cat we've ever known. Our friends' 10 mo old son fell on top of him sunday night (b4 he was hurt) and he didn't scratch or spat or anything. He just laid there till we picked up the baby off of him. So, anyways, I took him to the vet (all by myself, which I must admit was quite an accomplishment for me....I have a very big trust issue with animals so it is scary for me to drive with them unrestrained in a vehicle, cuz if he made a sudden movement i might wig out and run off the road, etc.) so, like, i said....i took him to the vet wed. night and the vet said he has a broken femur and he will heal naturally in about 6 weeks. we need to keep him in the house for a while because if he stayed outside and the neighbor dogs came over, etc, he might be startled and end up running on his bad leg and that would re-break it possibly.

I just feel so bad. His poor little leg just hangs there right now. He hobbles around on 3 legs. It was kind of a wake up call for us. It made us so sad that his perfect little body had been damaged, and it happened so quickly. It just goes to show how quickly our perfect bodies can be damaged as well. And it is another reason why we must take care of our bodies and not take them for granted.

Almost bought a used $600 treadmill tonight at play it again sports but Duke (dave's friend at work) stopped us just in time. He said his mom has one she wants to get rid of for $150. I may drive there Saturday morning to get it. It would be good if we could spend less money b/c we have to buy some tires.

We may try to sell the Corsica sometime soon. Anyone know somebody who wants a hail damaged '93 Corsica to run into the ground? If you do, send them our way. We just don't need a spare vehicle as much now that we're not running papers. I would recommend it to a male mechanic. Not a female who doesn't want to be stuck on the road....but yeah, other than that, it's a great car. :) heh. it even comes with a set of snow tires with studs.

Dave's parents stopped by last night on their way back from seeing Jessie. We had a good evening. Stayed up till 11:30 talking. I guess probably b/c Dave didn't get home from work till 9.

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