Day 1 of the Home Improvement Adventures with Dave...

  • We are going to take it 1 room at a time. The first room to undergo a total makeover is the office.
  • We spent an hour and half at Menards last night gathering supplies but were too overwhelmed so we left as they were closing and then went back today. We spent literally half the day in Menards getting supplies for just this one room. It is a very big store and we had a very big list.
  • I heard that stupid "Save Big Money at Menards" jingle one too many times!
  • And I went to the restroom 3 times while we were there.
  • Menards is our new home.
  • We have a little game that we play whenever shopping at the grocery or whatever where we guess how much our total is and whoever is closest wins. We both guessed that our full cart was $300. We spent $309. We were both very close! That was just for one room. Since we've both been such tightwads lately it was very hard to spend that. But hopefully, in the end, we will have a better looking home that is worth more money.
  • We will post before/after pics room by room.
  • David wants me to add that these are "quintessential" home improvement adventures. Neither one of us are sure what that word means.
  • We have moved the computer into the great room. Now this room serves as the workout room, the office, the living room, and the debt board room. :) We really don't need any more rooms. Maybe we should just tear the rest of the house off.
  • Oh my, I'm getting silly cuz it's so late. Or rather early. At least we don't have to deliver papers in an hour.
  • Also, we haven't mowed our yard in well over 2 weeks and we've been getting tons of rain. Everytime we have time to mow it's raining. So the grass keeps growing and growing and growing. I was going to mow it tonight but then the mower wouldn't work. So the grass will just keep growing for now.

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