a fun-work-filled saturday

  • i got up at 7:00 this morning and made dave a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich. he left for work and i set out to do all my important tasks..........
  • i spent a few minutes on my bible study this morning. i will spend more time later today too.
  • i did 6 loads of laundry
  • i swept all the floors
  • i cleaned my kitchen sink and bleached the countertops
  • i made a grocery list
  • i mopped the kitchen, laundry and both bathrooms
  • i scrubbed the rust out of the shower. the guest bathtub still awaits me
  • i filed a bunch of paperwork
  • i piled more junk in the guest room
  • i cleaned up visual clutter in the great room to make it more conducive for learning in FPU tomorrow night
  • i previewed tomorrow night's lesson on saving and listened to the preview DVD again
  • i mowed the rest of the yard
  • i walked 3.5 miles on the treadmill while finishing the nicholas sparks book "Dear John"
  • now i'm sitting here lacking the energy to shower before dave gets home
  • i think we're going to have a datenight and go to target (for groceries, posters and new shower curtains) and kohls (i'm returning something without a receipt and dave will get some new shorts with our store credit - he's down to 164 lbs or something like that and nothing fits him anymore.)
  • i did a really good job today of not overeating - i had a peach, some oatmeal, a lean cuisine pizza, and a granola bar. i eat a lot more than that when i'm at work sitting at the computer in boredom.

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