we had a really great day. we met with one of our pastors and our friend richard from church about dave's baptism and our becoming members of our church on sunday. and we talked about holding an FPU at our church starting in january (not in the fall like we thought). anyways, everything went really well. it will fit better with the overall plan of the church to hold the class in january. and who knows. maybe we will just have another class at our home while we wait for january. the cool thing is we will start promotion of the program in october. that will give us plenty of time to spread the word. i can see hundreds of people being affected by this. i'm praying that it will be a very positive thing for our church.

july 13th we're going to go to the elders' meeting along with some of our friends who were in our last group (if they are willing - dave called and asked them tonight and they'll get back with us) and share a 4 minute video on FPU and our personal testimonies of what the program meant to us and why it should be shared with the church. i earnestly pray that the elders will see the value in this like we do. and like our pastor and friend, richard, do.

anyways, after the mtg. tonight we went to richard and debbie's house and dave looked at his broken mirror on his car then they invited us in and we had a nice chat. and then we left and it was almost 9:00. time flies when you're having fun! anyways, we were really ready for dinner by that time. so we went to el rodeo cuz i didn't have anything planned for dinner. (it's a good thing we're starting another FPU so we will feel we have to be more frugal to set an example for our group....) anyways, dave's coworker nicole and her daughter jennifer walked in right in front of us. nicole ended up buying our dinner. i was shocked! that was so nice of her. we invited her to FPU and i think she's going to attend.

now we have for sure:

chad & judy
jason & amie
brian & kristy

and possibly:
camille & keith
sam & christy

i'm getting so psyched!! i can't think about anything else. ahhhh....i just can't wait to see what God is going to do in these people's lives as a result of this class.

dave reminded me tonight that we have a little mini-vacation coming up soon. i'm so obsessed with fpu that i almost forgot! wow....i'm a nerd :)

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