the LORD's day

today is the first sunday we haven't had anything planned since january. or maybe like november. wow! it is so nice to have our day of rest back.

we went to church then make fondu cheeseburgers and green beans and then i made some homemade peanut butter so that i could make some peanut butter choc chip oatmeal cookies. yum. we just took a plate of cookies over to our neighbors. i really like having them right next door. over the past 6 years we've gotten to know them and they are very nice people. i like how we can just pop over and they can just pop over here and say "hi". it is nice to live so close. ...except for the time that i was just getting out of the bathtub and dennis showed up, or the other time when...well, nevermind. we won't go there....

my first week as a SAHW was lots of fun. i stayed pretty much on track with what i wanted to accomplish. i tried to get up and get going everyday and not waste time. i got up with david each morning and packed his lunch and supported him. then i made the mistake of accidentally goign back to sleep on thursday. i slept thru my alarm and of course that was the day that david's dad called. i answered the phone for some dumb reason i will never know... sounding horrible and admitting that i had slept until 10:30. of course he thinks i'm a loser now...oh well. maybe someday i will get a chance to redeem myself.

things with the house aren't progressing as quickly as i had hoped, but i did accomplish quite a bit. we are ready to slap some paint on the walls and the doors in the guest room and we will be done with that room. we are going to finish all 3 bedrooms and then we will have lowes come out and lay some carpet all at once. and wala, the bedrooms will be done.

i attempted to remove the wallpaper on one wall in the guest bath. determined that is NOT going to work and so in talking to mom & emily decided that we should put up white beadboard paneling from floor to ceiling and have blue accents in the tiles around the tub (and possibly on the floor) and still stain the sink base ebony like we were planning. i think that it will look really nice. mom said she saw a photo of a bathroom almost just like this in a magazine.

yesterday was the womens retreat to service at church. honestly, i DID NOT want to do it in the morning when i got up. actually, i've been not really thrilled about the idea for the longest time. yesterday was the first sunny nice day all week and i had selfish thoughts about what i wanted to do for myself, but i went on and worked for others and ended up having a great day. it was good for me to be less selfish with my time for once. not having children for 7 years of marriage has turned me into an even more selfish person than i ever was with my time.

this week my schedule will roughly consist of:

mon -
mow yard
plant flowers at house
plant garden at the church if it is ready??
clean house (i.e. sweep floors, mop, clean bathrooms)
paint walls in guest room and paint doors
aerobics class in the evening

possibly dave's parents will stop by mon or tues, i don't know??

tues -
weight watchers mtg.
get washing soda at kroger so i can make homemade laundry detergent
get a bucket at TSC for the laundry detergent
society of women engineers lunch
cancel corporate gym membership if my ex-work did not
work with dave tues p.m. to finalize guest room and move furniture and clothes out of master bedroom

wed -
aerobics class in a.m.
make laundry soap
remove wallpaper borders in kitchen and laundry room

thurs -
do laundry
begin repairing walls in master bedroom for priming
have dave sand master bedroom walls in the evening
wash off the dust

fri -
workout on my own in the a.m.
prime master bedroom walls
drive to ohio

dave went spelunking yesterday with our friend jason. he wasn't really supposed to go in the caves, but he did anyways. last time he will get the chance for years. i am glad he got to. on the way home he stopped at the lasko school of log building and met one of the students in the spring class. this man said that david should do whatever it takes to get into the fall class. that we will save a fortune in bldg. our own home if he will go thru the class and learn from lasko. i hope that we will be able to make that happen. i love david so much and i hope that my staying home does not hinder him from any of his dreams such as attending that school, but honestly, me being home is one of both of our dreams. he supports me 100% and i am so glad. i could not be here against his will. :)

have a great week everybody!!

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