I'm going to create a new fad. Un-shopping. It's where you go out running errands but don't spend any money. You make money instead. :)

...Today I went to Half Price Books and sold some used books, movies and CDs. I made $25. And I resisted the urge to buy anything. So I went home with $25 more than I had before. I also cancelled my old corporate gym membership to avoid being charged. So that was sort of like making money. I have also been selling things on Craigslist rather than buying things from Craigslist. So far made $50 on there.

Also, once Dave and I went to Kroger and checked out behind a lady who got 2 shopping carts full of groceries and she used so many coupons, the store had to pay her! Now that's some stellar "un-shopping". I would like to learn how she did that.

Does anyone have any other un-shopping ideas? If so, comment and let me know...


Bethany said...

Besides taking clothes to Plato's closet, you can go to CVS. I haven't done this yet, but every week they have a promotion where you buy a particular item for say $10 and get $10 back in Extra Care Bucks (to be used at CVS). If you use a coupon for that item, then you make money! (Use a $2 off coupon and spend $8, but get $10 in ECBs!) Do you read moneysavingmom.com?

I got this book at the library that I'm really enjoying. It's called, "Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life" by Margaret Kim Peterson. I thought you might like it, too!

Emily & Brian said...

KATIE!!!! I am so glad that you are back to blogging! It makes me feel as if I am closer to you than 1200 miles. :) I have decided to start blogging again, although my blog pretty much sucks, because we have boring lives. Haha! I like it that way, though. No excitement in this household is always a good thing. We love you so much! See you in a week in CO!!