Stay-cation and more updates

We had tossed around the idea of going on a weekend trip to Kentucky or the bridge fest, but we ended up staying home this weekend. We decided to try to have a "Stay-cation" - a vacation where you stay home instead. I guess at some point in the last couple months while babysitting 3 kids, I've started to see how incredibly lucky we are to have privacy and alone time, etc., etc. right now and how we rarely if ever actually take advantage of that.
So Dave wasn't too hot on the idea of a Staycation because usually if he is here, he is working, but he decided to try it out. It turns out he did a great job! Friday night we tied up some loose on ends on some side work Dave had, then we went to bed. We determined to clear our schedules for the weekend as much as possible. We slept in Sat. a.m. because we could, just enjoyed being together, took a short walk to the neighbors to let their dog out and then made ourselves bacon egg and cheese bagels, and had a financial mtg. In the afternoon we went to Dick's Bodacious BBQ (where we had really, really spicy fried cheese balls that burned by lips and mouth so badly I almost cried and then they upset my stomach shortly after), followed by 2 trips to 2 different Lowe's home improvement stores (where I made 3 trips in one hour to the restroom with a terribly upset stomach, texting Dave every few minutes to tell him how horrible I felt and that I wanted to go home and would be out as soon as I could...thanks to the spicy fried cheese balls - this was definitely the low point of the weekend, not much romance here).
We wrapped up the day with ice cream sundaes and watched the second video in a series that goes along with the book "Love and Respect" that our church is going to launch a study on in January. Sat night I also tried a cool idea that I read about online... I wrote Dave a love note about Sweetest Day, put it in a ziploc bag, and hid it for him in bubbles in the bathtub. I think that he was really surprised because that kind of thoughtful romantic thing is very out of the ordinary for me, for us in general. Oh well, it was fun and I highly recommend a staycation to anyone. I'm sorry if any of this offends anyone, is TMI, etc, but I think it is very important to work on your marriage and keep things fun and I know we've gone thru several years of really not so fun times and I regret that. Sometimes we can be workaholics (me, not so much lately). Sometimes we can be very critical of one another. Where almost every single conversation we have is about how the other one needs to change something. Ah! It's exhausting! So, this weekend was one big attempt at changing some of that.
Moving on....Our pastor asked us today if we might also consider doing another FPU at the same time as the Love and Respect study. Several couples want to do FPU for the 2nd time and several people missed it the first time around. I think we probably should, Dave doesn't for various reasons. We have quite a bit of discussing to do here before we get back with him. Please pray that we can come up with a good decision on what to do. My heart just goes out to those who want to do the study. I wish that one of the small group leaders from the last session would be able to step up and lead this time around as I am not sure that we are in a place where we can give any more to this subject. Perhaps our work in this ministry is coming to a close. I don't know.

We just started a new small group with 2 other couples from our sunday school class. We're doing a study on how to share our faith and our personal testimony. This is going to be very fun and we should wrap up close to Christmas time.

Speaking of Christmas time, looking forward to that. All the coziness and joy and trees and stockings, etc. I asked Dave last night if it would be a realistic goal to have our kitchen done by then. He said "NO." I said, "How about Valentines day?" I got a doubtful look.

Well, better go now.Dave will be home soon from his errands and we are going to eat some chocolate zuchini cake - trying a new Esther Shank recipe.

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