I originally wrote this post with a somewhat negative connotation and now i'm adjusting it to list all the many blessings I'm aware of today. This is my new focus. My friend Jessica was talking Tues night at small group about how some lady made a blessings journal and did that same thing...
  • aaron helped us load the trailer last night. we were all surprised when we got done about how big the great room seemed when we aren't storing stuff in it! we are so humbled that aaron would help us out so much!!!
  • the house is de-cluttered enough that i can actually work on sweeping, dusting, etc. today
  • the kitchen is ready to be primed
  • dave doesn't have anything planned for tonight so what i don't get done today he can help me with tonight
  • i have a piano lesson today
  • tomorrow i'll be babysitting for 3 of the sweetest kids in the world who i've been told miss me since i haven't been there for about 10 days now :) i miss those sweet little smiles so much!
  • nick and seth are coming tomorrow to help dave with the floor leveling project (in the kitchen/laundry room areas)
  • i am able to stay home so i have time today to do all the laundry before the washer/dryer are moved out of the laundry room
  • my husband doesn't expect me to get another job right now!!

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