having a busy day today. just babysat for 8.5 hours. luckily i was able to take a nap while all 3 kids were sleeping. that was a God thing that they all slept at the same time...came home for 30 minutes between babysitting and tutoring to tidy up the house for a piano lesson this evening. simply overwhelmed by all the messes leftover from the weekend of DIY projects and the dishes piled up from having no water.... the spice rack is in the middle of the kitchen floor. along with the vacuum and a sack of potatoes. there are about 300 (at least) brass alligator grip fittings on the countertops. the kitchen sink contains a bucket and a big bowl of brown water. 2 more bowls on the counter. the laundry room has tools scattered all over it. there's a counter top leaned up against the piano. a hose for the water softener is on the floor right next to that. and the piano bench is at the table in the front room. hhhhhhhh....there are canvas tarps on the front room floor. a dirty pair of jeans on the table inside the front door. 7up and crackers on the coffee table. things strewn about. and as i walk past the counter, brass fittings fall off and hit me. and all this after the house was relatively clean when dave's parents got here saturday morning. this is how it happens. almost weekly. maybe tomorrow little blake will help me clean :)

so i'm having a snack and blogging instead of cleaning right now. salad and a quickie pizza. mmmm....i probably couldn't get the house "presentable" if i had 5 hours to clean it, let alone 30 minutes!!!

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