fire hazards, gross animal stuff and FPU

headed off to FPU in about 10 minutes. i think we have about 18 people, including ourselves so it is a very nice-sized class. the church is providing dinner every sunday night before the classes start. so, lucky for us, we don't have to cook! we had bacon and bleu cheese burgers and fries and peas for lunch today after church. it was very good. i am freezing as i type this. it is only like 5 degrees outside so it feels cold everywhere. i am bundling up for church since it's always cold too.

yesterday dave tore out more of the laundry room cabinets and wall. he did that to do more plumbing work. since it used to be an outside wall, there was insulation in the wall. between 2 studs, mice had gotten in thru a hole in the wall near the floor and climbed all the way to the ceiling in the insulation. they had then tried to scratch their way thru the drywall into the great room. GROSS! how crazy would it have been to be sitting in the great room and all of a sudden see a mouse emerge from the wall....? so glad that never happened. we didn't find any mice or mice bones but did find a chicken bone that they apparently took into the wall with them...? they had also chewed thru some wiring going to outlets in the laundry room and exposed bare wires. david said it was just a matter of time before they rubbed 2 wires together and started a fire. that would have been so scary! i'm so glad he ended up pulling off that section of drywall and finding this so we can repair the wiring.

then later last night i was sitting on the couch reading frontiersmen while dave was working on plumbing and i heard the baseboard heater come on. though neither one of us turned it on and the knob on it was turned to "off". and we have all kinds of stuff stacked right up against us, a fire hazard. so david shut off the breaker so it can't turn itself on anymore. this happened once last winter when i was home alone and thought i was crazy...now at least i'm not the only one to witness this.

david shot a cat that has been harrassing our home for years on new years day. this cat used to wake us up in the middle of the night fighting with our cat bob. this cat also goes thru the trash like a raccoon. but no longer.

i am so thankful that we're headed off to FPU soon and that the evil cat is gone and that we found two potential fire hazards and averted them. just another fun weekend in the neer household.

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