i started this post last night...

6 days into the year and now i'm really starting to reflect on 2009 and look ahead at 2010.

i am incredibly frustrated with how messy our house is right now. there is complete disorder in every room and every direction that i turn. along with filth too. i feel so incredibly overwhelmed by the mess. i thought a couple minutes ago...i will take pics and post them on the blog then when i get it cleaned up i can post clean ones and hold myself accountable to you avid readers out there. and then i realized i have absolutely no idea where the camera is so i can't even do that. i would have to clean for about 2 days probably just to find that. hmmmm....where is it???? this is really bugging me.

ok. whew. i'm back. found the camera. at the risk of completely embarrassing myself i'm going to go ahead and post pictures of our house. the grand tour of filth. maybe all of you out there will feel encouraged that you're not the only one. or maybe you will take pity on my husband for having to live in this mess with me and come rescue him. who knows.   maybe the embarrassment will be enough to spur me on to actually clean something.

and now this morning, i'm continuing this post. i didn't end up posting the pics because....the computer is so full of files that i can't upload any more photos onto it. so...they're still on the camera. the irony of this is that it fits in with my life right now. every flat surface is covered with stuff....so why shouldn't the computer be filled too?

so, anyways...i'm happy because for the first time in a couple months i'm actually feeling energetic. i want to clean. last night after taking a bath, i scrubbed down the whole bathroom. and then i went to bed and woke up just 6 hours later excited about getting up and making david breakfast and packing his lunch. and then i couldn't wait to get into the office and start cleaning frantically. that's the first room that i want to deal with. it's going to be the baby's room.

so last night i decided that instead of moving back over to the master bedroom when it's done, we are going to make the master bedroom into an office / workout room / scrapbook room / library / dave's gun storage area, etc. basically everything that we used to have in our two spare rooms will have to be condensed into that one room. we have to make room for our child, after all. and i don't want it to look real cluttered either.  david really likes this idea too so i'm very excited about that.

other reasoning for this idea is that the guest room where we are now is not that much smaller, we're already moved into it, we like having the east facing window that helps us wake up at sunrise, and then when the baby's here, we will be closer to its room. not to mention the guest bath is much, much nicer than the master bath will probably be when we finish it (since we have a tub/shower in there and the master bath will still have a small shower). 

the only concern is what do we do if we have another child (and the having more than one child is a big IF since only God knows, and I just want to try to have this one first...) while still living here (ok, seriously...as long as this remodeling is taking i'm not totally convinced that won't happen)...then we would probably want to move back into the master bedroom and then we would have to figure out what to do with all this miscellaneous stuff yet again. but oh well, i will cross that bridge when we get there.

so about the new misc. room. i saw a picture in a magazine where they turned a closet into an office. i'm all excited about doing that in our old bedroom. it will force me to declutter a bunch of paperwork and then when it's done, we will be able to close the door on our office/ computer, etc. i asked dave if he could put an outlet and a light in the closet. he laughed and said "i can do anything". so my job now is to plan out this awesome office space. yay! i'm excited.

another thing i have realized over the past couple days is that roundabout August I surmised that I needed to go back to work and make more money. so I began being really lazy with the housework because I just wanted to relax and enjoy myself before going back to work. I spent a lot of time reading and goofing off on the internet and basically not cleaning or doing anything productive. well, anyways, then i got pregnant and felt tired and vomit-y (is that a word?) a bunch and didn't really do anything then either. so the other day i was talking about trying to figure out how to make more money and all my ideas won't really amount to that much and dave bascially told me that i shouldn't worry about it. i should just keep the house clean and support him and he'll work really, really hard (which he is doing by the way...he's had a very busy week - 4 different side work jobs and a very busy week at work and putting snow tires on his own jeep...we're so blessed by God to get all this side work!). so, having dave say that was like the key to make me un-lazy again. apparently i'm only able to focus on one thing at a time or something. but now, instead of fretting over getting more money...i can just focus on my main "job" which is to try to keep our house clean. so now for the first time in months i actually want to clean. and i'm excited about it. 

other updates...i finished frontiersmen yesterday. and this week i learned that i like to play tetris online. so much so that when i fall asleep at night i dream about the game. it's enough to drive me crazy. this has got to stop.

and i broke dave's left contact lens last night. i always wash them for him. this began like before we were even engaged. he had me wash them during one of our dates in high school (why? i don't know) and he said that i can get them much cleaner than he can with my fingernails, so he always wants me to wash them. so, anyways, last night i picked up the bottle of soaking solution and dropped it right on his lens and it smashed into 5 pieces. i was so upset. we have had these for a very long time without incident and i was glad. i think they cost like $300 the last time he got a pair (they are hard ones). so when the eye dr. opens at 9:30 i am going to order him a replacement. hopefully we can just get the one.

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