1. making oatmeal PB choc chip cookies (mmm) for the first big event for the new ministry at New Hope tonight (Fellowship of Christian Outdoorsmen). praying that the guys have a spectacular night! this is a really cool outreach that is just starting up. already several guys who normally would not come to church are planning to be there.
  2. planning to catch up on more of the Bible reading...while i'm making cookies i'm listening to the Genesis chapters on CD. i'm not sure this counts...but I'm 13 days behind (since I started Jan 13th instead of Jan 1st) so I thought I'd do it just this once to catch up.
  3. teaching 2 piano lessons this afternoon
  4. the sunrise was so beautiful this morning. it started to rise on dave's way to work!! and he called me cuz he was so excited. there is hope that spring is coming!! the days are getting noticeably longer.
  5. gotta go get the cookies out! bye!

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