well, dave decided to go with my idea of the 1 piece fiberglass shower/tub. i'm so glad. now we can have a blue and white bathroom and he won't have to tile the whole surround. it will make his life so much easier!!

in celebration, i'm going to do a fun post....

my top 5 favorite restaurants and what i would get if i went there:
1. sparky's in urbana - taco pizza
2. house of szechwan in bellefontaine - sweet and sour chicken
3. der dutchman in plain city - broasted chicken breast, salad, rolls
4. el rodeo, here - shrimp taco salad
5. wendy's anywhere - jr. bacon cheeseburger, fries with extra salt and ketchup and pepsi

top 5 places i would like to visit someday:
1. florida
2. hawaii
3. grand canyon
4. glacier national park
5. texas

top 5 things about being at home part of the time:
1. i can sleep when i'm tired
2. i don't have to have a lot of different outfits
3. i can make whatever i want for lunch and not eat what i packed for myself 6 hours before
4. i can organize our house
5. i can plan our remodeling projects

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eisley54 said...

Crosspoint. I think it's crosspointweb.org, I suppose they could google it if it's not right, but I'm pretty sure. I miss that church so much! It's growing like crazy and there are so many new faces, makes me feel out of the loop! I think your friends would love it!

**oh yes, I hate packing food and then by lunch time I'm not in the mood for it at all...oh to be able to work part time would be heaven!