busy but fun day ahead

just made dave some coco wheats for breakfast. got it right today. yesterday morning i woke up with him but i felt horrible...couldn't think...i made the coco wheats and used 3 tsp not 3 tbsp of coco wheat powder...so they were extremely runny, etc. oops! didn't realize my mistake until this morning when i looked at our little measuring cup...

i am also doing laundry in our laundry room!!!!!!!! this laundry mat spree has made me appreciate that so much more.

i also plan to make bread since all we have left is a heal.

and at 9, the guy will be here to set the propane tank and fire up the new furnace. we have a slight problem though. not exactly sure where we're going to put it. and i have to decide apparently...nice...we know where we want it but it may be too far from the road or too far from the house...so...if it doesn't work...i don't know...still contemplating this...probably need to go outside and take a bunch of measurements. would be easier with a wheel like surveyors have rather than a 25 ft tape operated by 1 person.

i also have 2 fun piano lessons today.

found out last night that i have some more tutoring work coming soon.

dave & duke did some more drywall in the laundry room last night. it's beautiful!

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