a trip down memory lane...

last week our friend, ben, dave's old roommate from lincoln tech, sent us some pics from back in the good ole' days. i thought you might enjoy them. also last week we recounted our engagement story to our sunday school class (which happened soon after most of these pics were taken) and dave was prescribed some medicine for his finger. that was the first prescription he had had filled since 2001 when he got pneumonia while at lincoln tech. we were discussing this pneumonia last weekend - how he had such a poor diet due to having no money and how he worked such long hours and got really sick. phil was like "why on earth did you eat so poorly??" dave repeated "cuz i only made $1000 a month." phil said that he made less than that when he lived in indy (in the 1960s) and got along fine. dave said his rent alone was $275/mo. ...from phil's point of view, i'm sure there are many things that dave could have done to stretch his $1000 like not drive to purdue or ohio nearly every weekend, not take me on dates, not buy an engagement ring, not buy stereo equipment or have the jeep painted (you can see the before and after here) but he hadn't really had FPU or anything at that point.... but i thought that he did fairly well managing his money. he lived a lot more frugally than me and my friends in school did. he ate ramen noodles constantly, cereal and splurged with  nachos and cheese from taco bell for an entire meal.


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