1. went to the laundry mat today in a snow storm. part way there i wondered...why on earth did i head out in this mess to do LAUNDRY? but i persevered. made it there safely. got the laundry done in record time. hey, there was no one else there but the owner! 
  2. then i drove all the way over to the north side of indy to get some prenatal vitamins that my midwife recommended. they didn't have them. came home and ordered them on amazon instead. much easier.
  3. canceled 2 piano lessons due to snow drifted driveways this afternoon. so read some books about pregnancy/babies instead. then took a big nap. feel a little out of it after sleeping so much...but i'd been staying up too late recently then getting up early. it was catching up with me.
  4. made quiche for supper. ate leftover pecan pie for dessert. yum.
  5. dave's working on building some sort of storage box for a spring compressor to have at work. he made a run to lowe's. he also had his review today. that went really well.
  6. and i'm judging a science fair tomorrow morning at the middle school. since i was always so nervous for my jr. high science fairs, i feel like i should be nervous for this one too. in fact, part of me is seriously praying for a snow day! anyways, i'm hoping it goes well and i don't come off as an idiot. :) there is a reason i quit engineering. i don't think logically.

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