random highlights of our life these past couple weeks

7 members of dave's family came to visit us last weekend. they arrived thursday night. i had to work friday, but dave had the day off. the guys spent the day drywalling and plumbing. we now have walls around our bathroom and master bedroom closet.and we have lights in there too!!

saturday the guys went on a bird hunt and killed a bunch of pheasants. we at them sunday for lunch. meanwhile, we ladies (me, shan, michelle, rose, renee, and rachael) went to a birthday party for the little boys that i nanny for. spiderman made an appearance. he made balloon animals and balloon swords, did face painting, and the girls received princess goody bags of bubbles and playdough on their way out the door. saturday night i had a piano recital. 4 of my students were in it. dave's mom went with me. i was glad that she did and i didn't have to go by myself. i think i get more nervous than my students about recitals!

i was exhausted by the time they all left sunday. 9 people in our house is pretty crazy considering it is being remodeled and we're down to 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom...i ended up breaking a platter that goes with our good china while cleaning up the kitchen sunday soon after they left. cried my eyes out and felt better after that.

tuesday night we attempted to shop for strollers and carseats. that ended in a giant argument.

yesterday and today i've had a grand time. the weather's been amazing. and i've gotten tons of laundry done (in my own home!!!) also went for a fun walk last night. walked 1.8 miles.

once again dave is able to save us a ton of money by repairing my car himself. it has an exhaust leak. the dealership quoted us $1060 for the part. i called around and found it at a junk yard for $25. picking it up tomorrow. :) i love my husband!

babysitting tomorrow and then tomorrow night we are having someone from toasty baby come over to do an in home demonstration of cloth diapers. yippee! should be very informative. it's been overwhelming looking at options online. i think seeing the diaper options in real life will be good for both of us.

i am also working on reorganizing the office. lately, i cringe when i walk in. it is a hodge-podge of cheap furniture and plastic containers. so, i moved everything from the plastic drawers into the wooden drawers that i bought for scrapbooking (but don't actually really use for scrapbooking). i threw out a bunch of random stuff like stickers that weren't really stickers and my MLA handbook from high school english classes. and pretty soon, we're going to move our new computer onto the white table and put it in place of the existing computer desk. and we're throwing the computer desk away. we got it free from one of my old coworkers about 5 years ago. it was sagging in the middle then. it's really bad now. makes me kind of nervous to look at the computer sitting on this flimsy piece of sauder furniture.  i'm also trying to eliminate the need for our $20 big lots white bookshelf by putting some shelving in the closet and putting things in there and throwing away a bunch of stuff that's in the closet. hhhhhhhh....that's going to be a big project. maybe when this is all done we can fit the treadmill into the office. anyways, it's fun. i've had the windows open while i've worked this week, listening to dave ramsey online, just trying to make room in the house for the baby!

today i went to target and everywhere i turned i saw pregnant women or women with adorable little babies. and i couldn't help but think about how very, very soon we will have our own adorable little baby. :)

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