Indiana Baby Shower

Last Saturday my friends Amie & Heather threw an awesome baby shower at our church for us. I had such a fun time. It was great getting to see all my friends, some that I see at church all the time, some I hadn't seen for a while. There were some really fun games and we got tons of amazing gifts for the baby. One thing's for sure, this baby is spoiled already :)

The lady on the right is Cassandra, who I've been nannying for since last August. I was so glad she could come to the shower!

I think the people in the above 2 pics, all go to church with us. On the right, in the pink shirt is Mary, who we worked with in the nursery. She's holding my friend, Amie's little boy, Aiden. I've babysat Aiden a couple times recently, so much fun!
Here's a pic of me opening presents and Emily helping me clean up the trash.

Here's a pic of all the presents! Can you believe it???

Above, on the right is a pic of Emily holding my friend, Erica's baby, Molly. Isn't she adorable?? :) On the left, Emily and I are sporting our masking tape baby carriers with plastic eggs in them. The game was that people could steal your egg if you neglected it. So we made carriers for ourselves. Mom & Cassandra got in a fierce egg stealing battle. Mom thought Cassandra stole her egg, so she stole Cassandra's keys and cell phone. Oh my...it was hilarious.

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Erica said...

why yes she is adorable!! I'm glad I could come and see you!!