a summary of our recent adventures:

haven't posted in a while since we've been pretty busy...here are the highlights...

The House:
  • my mom, sister and brother in law came to visit Memorial Day weekend. they helped us work on the house. the guys spent time crawling around in the crawl space and making runs to lowe's, menards and home depot.
  • emily, mom & i worked on priming the master bath and closet and a whole bunch of trim.
  • jessie (dave's sis) came to visit Memorial Day thru the following Friday...she helped us bullnose a bunch of marble tile for the bathroom, paint trim and paint the master bathroom and closet
  • i sanded the front room and jessie primed some stuff in there
  • since then, dave has laid the heating wires in the master bath and installed the trim in the new closet.
  • he plans to tile the bathroom soon, then the toilet and sink can follow and the bathroom will be done.
  • the master bedroom is done (we got the carpet installed while jessie was here) so on my birthday (last Monday) dave & our friend jason moved our furniture back into it. what an awesome bday present!
  • therefore, last tuesday i spent some time moving all the baby stuff into the nursery. and saturday we got a $20 dresser off of craigslist. i'm planning to refinish it this afternoon. soon we will be able to put a lot of the stuff away that is now scattered all over the floor in piles.

  • last week was VBS at our church. it is our church's #1 outreach into the community each year. i find it absolutely amazing how much work goes into it and how fun and exciting the week is. it all just seems to fall together. God is GOOD! we had a record 280 kids participate throughout the week (pretty awesome considering our regular sunday morning attendance is about 380-400). and the kids and their parents raised $4800 or so for a missionary to build a house in haiti!
  • i helped out with crafts this year. the first day involved 250 kids (ages 2-5th grade) making bricks out of mud. it was a mess! i wasn't sure what i'd gotten myself into. but things got a little easier as the week went on. another highlight was spray painting fabric paint onto t-shirts. woohoo...
  • in addition to crafts, i also helped out first thing each morning with the memory station (where we listen to the kids recite memory verses, and list out the 10 commandments, 12 disciples, books of the Bible in order, etc.) it is so awesome for me to hear these kids do this! and it always inspires me to go home and memorize stuff. if a 10 year old can, then why can't i?
Other Random Stuff:
  • i am totally enjoying my first Monday off in a long time. First Monday that i don't have anything to do, and don't have to wake up at like 5 or 5:30 in the morning.
  • mice are taking over our kitchen and really upsetting me. i haven't actually seen one for a week or so, but they keep leaving droppings in there multiple times a day so i know they're around. just stocked up on a trap and 8 boxes of DCON at lowe's this morning. hopefully that will help. contemplating getting an outdoor cat even though i hate them.
  • i reorganized our freezer yesterday, cleaned out the fridge really, really good, cleaned the kitchen sink (it doesn't stay too nice when people get paint in it on a weekly basis), and bleached the entire kitchen (because of the mice). you might say that i'm nesting.
  • i'm 33 1/2 weeks pregnant at this point. i'm feeling pretty good but definitely looking forward to meeting the baby (although pretty aprehensive about that whole process too...). the baby wasn't really active a couple days last week and i started freaking out a bit. but then i prayed and the next day it was more active than usual. dave & i are both finding it very fascinating to watch my belly move like crazy as the baby kicks away. i think perhaps the inactivity was due to how tired i was from the last few weeks of remodeling and then VBS crafts...
  • i had some very emotional outbursts this weekend (due to the mice and the remodeling messes...i was bawling about how i'm not sure i really want to give birth in this environment as disgusting as it is...i feel bad that the baby will come into the world in such a mess) dave was really sweet and helped me calm down and helped clean up a bit.
  • saturday we went to a state park with the FCO group and had a picnic, played cornhole, etc. i was pretty uncomfortable since i'm getting so large and it's so hot and humid. ugh. but i think dave had a great time!

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