what we've been up to lately...

with the help of my mom this weekend, i finally finished re-finishing the dresser for the baby's room. doesn't it look very cute?? i ran into a little trouble that first week i was working on it with sanding and the fact that i was working on it outside and it got rained on so i got discouraged and had trouble getting back to it. finally i gave up on everything being absolutely perfect (dave & i have both been stretched lately to give up on perfection...God is refining us...we have to realize that nothing in this world is perfect), and now it's done and it looks great. we are going to put the changing pad on top along with some other things and keep clothes and diapers in it.

dave has been super super busy lately. here's a couple pics of the work he's been doing in addition to our house projects.

last week we had 3 cars in our driveway for him to work on in addition to his 50+ hour work week. not a one of those cars belonged to us (because we loaned ours out while he's working on others). my new job last week became part runner so that he would have all the parts he needed in the evenings to work on the cars. i spent an hour alone last monday at a toyota dealership picking up stuff after he'd already called in the order. and then...as if that wasn't enough, our mower needed worked on too. so i snapped a pic of him doing that. i asked him if he ever felt like he was surrounded by stuff to repair. he said "yes."

this weekend we got a lot done on the house. like i said, mom was here. she helped me with the dresser. we re-arranged all the junk (home improvement supplies, tools, things that have been displaced from the laundry room) in the great room for like the 5th time this year. it sort of resembles a living space now. the furniture is kind of in the middle of the room, and all the junk is neatly sorted all around it. we were able to sit in our living room facing each other saturday night for the first time in probably 6 months. we ate our dinner in there. mom helped us buy all the shelves and stuff for our closet and dave spent friday night and all day saturday installing that.

last night he finished laying the tile for the bathroom floor. it looks amazing!

above is the self leveling cement over the heated flooring wires

here's dave laying out all the tiles to be sure we put the most beautiful ones out where they will show.

mixing mortar

he finished this first part on father's day

this is last night. he was able to tile the rest of the floor in half the time that it took out by the doors (fewer cuts, better mortar consistency)

here he is laying the last tile on the floor. he took off all the tape and spacers this morning and it looks awesome.

i was able to help him cut most of the tiles last night so it went a lot faster (last sunday the cuts were a bit more complicated and he just did it himself). here are some pics of the floor tiling process. now on to the baseboard (which will also be marble) and the shower surround and then sealing and grouting and then installing the toilet, sink and medicine cabinet above the toilet. we're getting so close!

next weekend dave's brother and his family are coming. we're hoping to finish the bath by the end of next weekend and also paint the hallway and front room. our friend nick will be helping us this week to finish mudding and sanding the front room.

check out the baby blog for more info on that aspect of our lives. we're at 35 weeks and 5 days. 

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