thoughts on a monday

dave had training for work in chicago last week so levi & i went along. we ate out every meal. it was nice because i did not have to make anything but we were so ready to eat our own food by the time we got home this weekend. we are just not used to eating out anymore and we like our own food better! i did some shopping, which was of course a little more challenging than ever before, since i had a little baby with me. but i was able to find 1 pair of jeans. yes, 1 pair of jeans, after 3 days of shopping...hhhhhhhh...

you see, i have a dilemma...i gained too much weight while carrying levi and now i'm paying the consequences. nothing fits. i dropped about 25 lbs right after having him but the rest of it still is packed on around my waist and i'm trying to conjure up the motivation to begin a huge weight loss journey before i have another baby or i will be absolutely enormous then.

while shopping last week i discovered that i'm apparently somewhere smack dab in the middle of the mystical range of sizes between misses sizes and plus sizes. some of my maternity pants still "fit" but fall down constantly (NOT a good look and not so easy to pull up when carrying a baby and a diaper bag, etc.). so yeah...i ended up getting my first (and hopefully LAST) pair of jeans from the plus size section while in chicago. they are a little big, but i figure they will shrink in the dryer a bit and then hopefully fit. and i did not get any new shirts. either the shirts are too small or too large. and as it turns colder, it is time to get out my winter clothes and i'm almost 100% sure that none of those shirts will fit. and yeah, already tried the pants. not even close to fitting.

so, yeah, enough about clothes....

levi did not sleep well with us in the hotel bed. i think he really likes his crib. the night we got back home he slept 6 hours in it. which is fine with me because now we can move the pack n play out of our bedroom (he never has slept more than 2 hours in that thing...) as a result of him not sleeping well last week, dave & i found ourselves turning to caffeine. i had a couple cups of coffee even though i'd told myself not to consume caffeine till done nursing, i caved. and boy do i regret that decision. i hate how addicting caffeine is. saturday i was miserable coming down off my addiction.

levi did really, really well on the trips to and from chicago. i'm so proud of him. i gave him bottles to and from and that made the trips a lot easier. i think he's starting to have less of an aversion to his car seat.

levi is also developing a nice eating/waketime/naptime pattern to his days. he still gets pretty fussy at night and that pattern disappears, but during the day he's taking nice 2-3 hour naps and being very talkative and cute during his "playtimes", and he's finally not eating every hour! woohoo!

we also had a big first yesterday. i left levi in the nursery during sunday school hour. i had just fed him and he was pretty content and debbie really wanted me to leave him with her, so i gave it a try. he slept in their arms the whole time and apparently woke up just before i came to get him. then he was pretty upset, but it was a great step for all of us. the ladies who have worked the nursery for years say it's better to start putting the babies in the nursery sooner rather than later because then they get used to it and it's not so hard as when you start leaving them in their later on. dave & i figured we'd take their advice. i really don't mind leaving him. i totally trust them. as dave put it, they know a lot more about raising children than we do... but i just feel bad if he cries a lot or something i hate for them to have to deal with that.

the amusing thing was that dave wasn't with me when i dropped levi off. we met up in the sunday school room. about 45 mins into the class he turned to me and said, "where's levi?" i laughed and said "he's in the nursery...you just now noticed he wasn't here?" our sunday school teacher heard us whispering and laughing and asked what was up so dave said "oh i just realized levi wasn't with us..." and then of course the teacher was like "yeah, well, where is he???" and i had to explain he was in the nursery. of course every one in the room thought this exchange was hilarious!

in other news, i'm going to start nannying again for the family i worked for last year. apparently their new nanny is not working out and they'd like me to come back. it is just amazing how God provided a "maternity leave" for me when none of us could figure out a way for it to work. both parties feel like God is at work in this.

and last but certainly not least, our kitchen remodel is now underway. dave worked about 24 hours this weekend on the granite tile for the sink base. and steve, dave's brother, delivered the cabinets that their brother patrick built yesterday. these are custom cherry kitchen cabinets and absolutely gorgeous. i can not believe now that i see them in my own home how much storage we are going to have. SO much more than our current 2 cabinets afford. woohoo! i am so grateful to patrick, david & steve for all their hard work in making this a reality.

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