today was my first day back nannying for the family i worked for last year. turns out their new nanny got a full time gig and could no longer work for them at just the perfect time for me to go back to work. it's amazing how God works things out! levi was able to go along with me. everything went really well. levi had a few grumpy moments (like when he decided he was hungry while i was making breakfast for the other 3 kids so the oldest would be ready when his school bus came ...) but all in all, it went great. and those kids were very, very well behaved today. it seems like they've all done a lot of growing up this summer and i've learned a lot too just in this short time of being a mommy. i guess i'm more patient with kids in general. it is also amazing to me how much ava has grown. she looked like a totally different girl. a big girl! i feel like i've missed out on so much not seeing her for the past 3 months!

levi is getting cuter and cuter and learning more things yet i am starting to realize that the days of cuddling with him are numbered. he's starting to eat less often so we don't spend as much time close like that. and he's a very active little boy as well. i can only imagine what the future holds for us!

we went to the doctor for his 2 month checkup last thursday. he weighed in at 11 lbs 15 oz, so he is gaining weight nicely and is right in the middle on the growth curves, very average. he got his first shot and that went pretty well..considering. he slept 5 1/2 hours afterwards and was pretty fussy for a couple days but i think he's back to normal now.  also the doctor determined that levi has reflux when he had a little coughing/choking/spitting up episode in front of her. i had been wondering about it. she said we do not need to medicate him but just keep an eye on him and keep him upright after eating. i hope my little boy feels better soon! and of course this sheds some light on perhaps why he was SOOO fussy the first 6 weeks of his life. he's been doing this choking thing since like week 1 but i didn't know what it was all about. maybe i wasn't just exaggerating how rough things were...

we started gutting the rest of our kitchen this weekend. we accomplished a lot but there is A LOT left to do before the new cabinets/counters can go in. and i'm realizing that i should have been making a lot of frozen dinners ahead of tearing out the entire kitchen. it's awfully challenging to cook with most of the dishes in the great room in boxes and all the food in the pantry in the front room. but i will have to make it work since we sure can't afford to eat out every meal  nor can our stomachs take it. restaurant food keeps making us sick.

our well water is more disgusting than ever before. we think that we may have to drill a new well or get hooked up to the city water line across the road from our house. either way it will be costly. ugh.

below is a post full of pics for your viewing enjoyment...

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