Designing fun

I had the opportunity last week to draw up some sketches of possible kitchen layouts for my in-laws' new kitchen. I absolutely love that type of work. If I could do that kind of thing all day long I would....why, oh why did I not become an architect like I wanted to?

In every spare moment I've had lately my mind has been swirling with decorating ideas. I have devoured magazines and blogs, etc, etc. for ideas. I've also spent a lot of time pondering how I will decorate the great room when it is done. The painting/trim is being finished this week and carpet will be laid next week. I am attempting to make it look very, very nice without buying much new furniture, decor, etc., etc. It's my little design challenge you might say. Anyways, in looking at all types of inspirational photos of family/living rooms I have come to realize that I love chairs. As mundane and strange as that may sound, I never before realized how much I loved chairs. I've always been more of a couch or loveseat type person cuz I figured the more the merrier...BUT now I'm realizing the beauty of occasional chairs. They can move around easily in a living area for conversation, playing games, etc. And it gives you more options for adding small splashes of color and pattern to a room.

Just this past week I purchased these 2 wicker chairs and pads for our great room. They can be used outdoors but I decided they'd add just the perfect amount of texture and color and some fun to the room. And if I get tired of having them inside I can put them out on the front porch, etc.

Just check out all the cool chairs I found simply doing a google image search, click here.

I like how often people put 2 matching chairs right next to each other facing in the same direction like a "loveseat" ....

Or how people sometimes angle them, especially around a circular table (large or small)

And I'd love to add that both of the above pics have something to do with Nate Berkus. I'm a fan, what can I say?

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