busy and fun weekend

darrin, sarah, jon & kim came out friday night. we had a yummy but healthy dinner and a wonderful evening catching up. saturday the guys went in to dreyer to work on darrin's monte carlo and we ladies hung out at the house. we got some starbucks then went to kohls. we had lunch with the guys at dicks bodacious bbq. then i dropped the girls off at the mall while i went to meryl's wedding shower (she's marrying dave's cousin ryan).

they all left sat. afternoon and then dave suggested we go camping. i really didn't want to leave the house AGAIN with all the business trips i've had lately, but i said ok eventually. so sunday we got up and left and forgot the world for 24 hours. we went down to a little slice of heaven on private property near campbellsburg (the man who owns it is a friend of a friend). we slept in our tent, went to the bathroom in the woods, fixed food on our grill and explored the 200 acres of woods, trails, and CAVES! i only actually went into 1 of the 3 caves we could find cuz the others were pretty much filled with water and i wasn't really prepared for that type of exploration. but, it was pretty cool. we got an up close and personal photo of a fawn playing in a stream. it was amazing. i will post pics soon. i had such a great time with dave. it was good for us to get away. i had to put a lot of trust in him for the whole trip. that's not something i've been real great at doing lately. and i need to be.

...glad to get back and take a shower though...sponging off with baby wipes doesn't really cut it i've found :)

i was supposed to go into work today (MEMORIAL DAY) to finish up some stuff but i decided that i just really didn't want to. last year on 4th of july i ended up working 10 hours. it was ridiculous. i didn't go to school for 5 years to work every stinkin' holiday when all the other people i know who work for the company are having a good time NOT at work. so there you have it, my first true attempt at standing up to this job....

i will probably still go in early tomorrow to try and get things done before our afternoon meeting though. and tomorrow night i'll be on the road again for lansing. i should come back wed night though *crossing my fingers*

ta ta for now!

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